Paymagic Labs API

Safe Account API

The Safe Account API is centered around the concept of a Gnosis Safe with a 1 of n multi-sig threshold where the customer controls one or more keys and Paymagic controls the other.
A Safe Accounts can be created automatically on any EVM network and used to automated transaction execution, batching, and gas management. Rather than worry about block reorgs, pending transactions, gas optimization, and rpc providers, developers can integrate with a simple RESTful API for executing any onchain transaction.
Once created, developers can access their Safe Account via a simple endpoint:
  • On Ethereum Mainnet: /v1/eth/account/0xabc...def
  • On Goerli Testnet: /v1/gor/account/0xabc...def
  • On Polygon: /v1/matic/account/0xabc...def
  • On Optimism: /v1/oeth/account/0xabc...def
  • On Arbitrum: /v1/arb1/account/0xabc...def
And use the Safe Account to:
  • Submit any custom transaction
  • Transfer any ERC20 and native token
  • Disperse many ERC20 and native tokens
  • Disperse many NFTs